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Test 3D GUI

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:: Maybe not worth an 800kb download. But I would really appreciate anyone letting me know if everything looks like it was meant to look, or if it's screwed. Thanks:: Okay, so it's not exactly a GUI yet. It's the basic building blocks. It's a floating window with some text read out to you. There were some problems getting the textured quads to link together correctly, and I want to make sure my "fix" is really a fix and not a hack. I would also like to see if this engine will run on other systems well. Let me know if anything looks weird or out of place. If so, I'll post a snap shot of what it should look like. Control: W,A,S,D = Camera Movement Mouse = Camera Rotations Find it here Or here Any testing is appreciated! [edited by - Jiia on May 19, 2004 3:45:26 PM]

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Hmmm. Well, the camera rotations have a bit too much momentum. I like the camera rotation to stop when I stop the mouse. Also, if you spin around, the rotation number keeps increasing, instead of being constrained to -2 pi through 2 pi.

All in all, not bad. Definately more than I can do at this point.

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The camera only spins the amount you move the mouse. It just does so slowly.

But err, I meant to test out the floating window. Was it
even visible? Did it look glitchy or broken up? Does the text
flicker? Does it flicker on the back of the window?

You are right, though, I need to increase the slowdown factor
a bit. And the rotations are not flipping back to 0 as of yet.
Thanks for the test though.

[edited by - Jiia on May 19, 2004 2:59:43 PM]

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Any ideas on how I can allow the user to interact with
the controls?

The controls will be contained on each window. So even
though the window is floating in space, the controls will
be attached to it''s 2D plane.

I want to avoid a cursor being placed in the center of
the camera, because all of that rotating would be sickening.
The only way I can imagine doing it is to have 2 modes of
mouse movements. The first mode how you see it here, the
second allowing moving a cursor to manipulate the controls.
I was thinking perhaps clicking on a window could focus it,
and switch modes, then trying to move the camera (W,A,S,D)
would switch back to the move mode.

Any other ideas?

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It works fine on my pc
Well actually the thing i noticed more was the collision detection system.. it looks like you are doing it at triangle-level, and your mesh is a lot of them.. but i kept creating spheres and the framerate was still 85. I think there were a hundred spheres or more.. how can you handle all those collisions

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Original post by Arcibald Wearlot
It works fine on my pc

Just tell me you''re using something other than a Radeon 8500
and you will have just made my day

Oh, the collisions. That''s what the grid is for. It divides
the map up into grid sections and only checks collisions
on the grid location that each object is over.

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The text didn''t display correctly for me. Its all broken up and flickers like crazy when I move the camera. The rest of the scene is ok. Oh and it flickers like a mad thing when its initialising.

Running XP pro with a S3 pro savage.

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The progress bar (initializing part) is just the D3DXSprite
system alone. I can't imagine that I could be screwing that
part up. The floating window is doing the exact same kind of

On the startup part, is it the sword and text that flickers, or
does the whole thing do it? If it's just the sword and text,
then it's something to do with drawing textures on top of
other textures. If it's everything, then it must be Microsoft's

Have problems like this with any other engines using D3DXSprite?

Thanks for the report

EDIT - Errr, I think I know why it's flickering at the start.
I thought I could get away with not clearing the screen if I
only updated a little part of it. I'm used to working with my
own graphics routines. Totally forgot about buffer flipping
chains and that I need to clear.

Is it everything EXCEPT the sword & text area that flickers?

[edited by - Jiia on May 20, 2004 12:55:42 AM]

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