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opengl or directx

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which is better, ive heard different people prefer different ones n i wanted one solid opinion that justifies why one is easier or more flexible or more practicle than the other

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Neither. Both offer relatively the same things. I personally prefer OpenGL cause I hate Microsoft with a passion . The only thing to consider is that DirectX provides all the functionality you need in one bundle (networking, sound, graphics, etc.) while OpenGL is just graphics. On the other hand OpenGL works EVERYWERE. I mean that. It works on Windoze, Mac, every *nix.
All that aside, do OpenGL, but do it from SDL. It rocks

Life would be so much easier if we could just get the source code.

[edited by - Venerable Vampire on May 19, 2004 5:25:06 PM]

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Depends... "Better" is a forbidden word if you don''t want a flame war

* Direct3D is MS platforms only, OpenGL is Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.
* OpenGL has it''s extensions mechanism that allows the developer to access features early, but it is slow to set a standard way of doing things... Direct3D is updated one or twice a year with new features, but every card accesses them in a common way

Well... I think OpenGL is more friendly for the beginner programmer as it allows Immediate mode and not going through buffers just to get a result on the screen.

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