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Remove Background Nosie

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Well, it''s 5:30pm and I just got stuck with creating an ambient noise filter that I have to have done by noon tomorrow, so I''m here for MAJOR help. Hopefully it won''t be a big deal, but I don''t know where to start... So, we''re using the IDirectSoundCapture8 interface on the Windows 2000 platform. Our input is a USB headset and the problem is it''s too sensitive and it picks up background noise, which I now have to filter out. All I''m looking to do is after the call to IDirectSoundCapture8::Lock is take the first void* buffer and its length and pass it to a function - LowPassFilter(void* pBuffer, DWORD dwBufLength); Unfortunately I have NO clue what goes inside that function. BTW, the code is written so that when Lock is called on the capture buffer only the first buffer is needed. Thanks for your help! Gary.

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