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Lua Statics?

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The classic way is to use closures.

local currentcount = 0 -- defines local variable in the do..end scope, and initializes it
function counter()
currentcount = currentcount+1 -- uses the value as a closure, so its value is saved
return currentcount

print(counter()) -- prints ''1''
print(counter()) -- prints ''2''

Personally, I don''t do that much. To me, static variables imply that I don''t actually want a function at all, but rather an object. Here''s how I''d make a counter:

function newcounter()
return {
currentcount = 0,
next = function(self)
self.currentcount = self.currentcount + 1
return self.currentcount

counter = newcounter()

Ultimately, it''s mostly a matter of personal preference.

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