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I hate averaged normals

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I can''t seem to get my mesh to stop averaging it''s normals. It''s been created in Max, which displays it perfectly using the DirectX 9 drivers The mesh is of rooms, with walls and floors. None of which should be averaged. I want the lighting to be applied flat on each plane, for each wall section / floor. Instead, it tries to make them look round on the corners. The only thing I''ve tried that worked was to totally detach the wall sections from each other and the floor. But there are way too many of these to do this. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?

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What exporter are you using?

Typically, edges are sharp if they''re between triangles from different smoothing groups. You have to take this into account when generating normals, and split vertices based on normal (as well as based on UV discontinuities). Max has a function to calculate the right normals magically, something like GetRNormals() or GetRVerts() if I recall correctly ("R" for "Render").

The Cx File Format comes with a Max exporter (in source) that does smoothing groups.

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I don't think it's the exporter (which is the Quest version).
If I detach faces, then wield them back together, it fixes
the problem. But like I side, there are way too many to do
this with all of them.

Perhaps this is a max problem, and not a DirectX problem.
I'm still wondering why everything is lit up correctly in max,
and not in my engine. It's difficult to adjust settings when
there's no apparent problem until I export it.

EDIT - Oh, and I have smoothing groups turned off for all faces.

[edited by - Jiia on May 20, 2004 10:26:35 PM]

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