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Engine configuration failed. Build not possible.

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Occasionally I will bind a function to AngelScript so my scripts can use it, but forget to register a datatype that the function uses. Usually when I am making changes like this they are small and I can track the error down immediately, but it would be helpful if AngelScript gave a little descriptive info instead of: Engine configuration failed. Build not possible.

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I guess I should amend this slightly... The problem is more related to how I initialize stuff than with AngelScript. e.g. I intialize all my functions and ignore AngelScripts return values while registering (yeah, thats bad I suppose). Then my engine tries to build the scripts and it cant because it failed during initialization (which I never checked for).

So basically this is a pointless post I guess...

Maybe AngelScript could report what caused the engine config to fail at this point...

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I''m sorry but I just don''t think it is worth the trouble to implement some system for reporting exactly what went wrong when configuring the engine.

The recommended way to configure the engine is to do it like this:

r = engine->RegisterGlobalFunction(...); assert( r >= 0 );

This will let you catch exactly where the error happened in debug mode, but in release mode (where the engine configuration should already be verified to be working) the return value is simply ignored.

I think it shouldn''t be too much trouble for you to do that.


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No thats cool, its my own fault; I just didnt realize what was happening until after I made the post. Its disturbing how problems can escape you for the longest time, but it only takes a few seconds after asking for help that you realize your a moron

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