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store triangles in GPU??

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hihi, I was reading this raytracing paper by purcell." he mentioned about storing the geometrical data in the GPU, but does that relate to using VBO? or something else which can be done by Cg? thx! Edwinz [edited by - edwinnie on May 21, 2004 2:00:35 AM]

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Using VBO, and using the proper flags ( sorry don''t know them myself, but basically saying the geometry is write only and static ), will encourange the driver automatically place geometry on the on-board video memory.

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this has nothing to do with Cg; Cg is a highlevel shading language, a way to shade your objects; the GPU is the processor on the board and this processor is processing your Cg shaders, and all other funny things in the graphic pipeline; and this processor also stores/grabs the data from the graphic boards videoram/VRAM; storing your data in the videoram is supported by the graphic API''s by nearly the same way.


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hi there!
thx fer replying!

I re-read purcell''s and realized that
1)vertex positions are stored as textures
2)each triangle occupies a voxel in a triangle list texture
3)a 3d grid(as 3d texture) contains pointers to the list of triangles

But i wonder, how can the vertex positions be stored in a texture, if VBOs are used. That kinda doesnt make sense to me right now...

If anyone can give some nice pointers here would be grateful!


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