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Any suggestions for this game?

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Yeah, I know, it's yet another Tetris clone. Though, I used smooth scrolling for the falling blocks, implemented sound and music, a decent background effect, and a graph statistic thingy. Well, give it a try and tell me what you think. It isn't totally done yet, but I programmed it so I could quickly add new block-type games such as gems. I'll probably just make a collection of small games like this and put them on a site. Oh, and if it doesn't run in a window, then just change it to fullscreen by opening Window.txt and changing the first value to 0 like this:
1 <-- Change to 0 
You can change it to whatever resolution you want. It should work for anything above 640x480. [edited by - Zefrieg on May 21, 2004 7:31:54 AM]

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In my winXP it only runs in window if i force it to MAXIMIZE app from taskbar. But I think the game looks fairly complete. You can throw endless features in it to make it more unique.

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Yeah, I tested it on my Win 2000 laptop, and it just shows a black window when I run it in a window. I''m not exactly sure what it could be. It is probably something to do with initialization or the clippers. I''ll try to fix it and upload the new version.

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