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Generate Still Video, Custom Source Filter & VMR9 conflicts

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Hi, I really need help with this DirectShow topic. I''ve created a custom filter which generates a video stream from an offscreen rendered surface. I did my tests using the default VMR and it worked fine. I mean the same graph with one renderer for each stream works perfectly. Now I''m using VMR9 to mix several streams. When I mix it with video and/or camera the FillBuffer method (where the sample is updated with the surface contents) is executed 5 times per second as expected. But if I added an image to my graph using the "Generate Still Video" filter, when the avi stream ends my filter doesn''t update correctly anymore. The sample updates not 5 times per second, but 1 time every 7 seconds more or less. Why this change? I''m a bit lost. Is this a problem with my filter? A problem with VMR9? Any hints would be very very appreciated Here a screenshot showing the three different streams rendering correctly to three different VMR renderes, and under these the problems rendering the three streams to the same VMR9 renderer: HEEEELP!!! Thanks

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