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Jason Z

Bicubic Bezier Normal Vector Calculation...

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I am trying to implement bezier patches into my engine and have been able to calculate the heights in a uniform grid. However, when I started looking into how to calculate the normal vector at each of these points on the grid I became confused. Real Time Rendering (page 500) says that to calculate the normal vector at P(u,v) then I need to calculate the cross product as so: dP(u,v) dP(u,v) n(u,v) = ------- x ------- du dv However, each of the partial derivative equations should return a scalar value when evaluated at the point (u,v) right? So how do I do a cross product on two scalar values to produce a vector? Am I looking at this all wrong? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Jason Z

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I have this in a book somewhere but I''m not sure if I could find it. Anyway, the tangent equations should return a vector. They should be similar to the equation that you use to evaluate the vertices in that they operate on the control points. So I think if you''re getting a scalar you may be misinterpreting the equations.

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P(u,v) is not the height value h(u,v) as you might have expected, but the 3D coordinate, i.e.

P(u,v) = (u, v, h(u,v)), so

dP/du (u,v) = (1, 0, dh/du (u,v)) and
dP/dv (u,v) = (0, 1, dh/dv (u,v)),

so that the cross product of them becomes

(-dh/du (u,v), -dh/dv(u,v), 1).

That''s your normal guy.

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