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OpenGL window size?

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Right, im having trouble creating a full screen window with OpenGl i''ve been over the code countless times, and can''t find whats wrong or what flag is missing can anyone help with this? if (!RegisterClassEx(&windowClass)) return 0; if (fullscreen) // fullscreen? { DEVMODE dmScreenSettings; // device mode memset(&dmScreenSettings,0,sizeof(dmScreenSettings)); dmScreenSettings.dmSize = sizeof(dmScreenSettings); dmScreenSettings.dmPelsWidth = windowWidth; // screen width dmScreenSettings.dmPelsHeight = windowHeight; // screen height dmScreenSettings.dmBitsPerPel = windowBits; // bits per pixel dmScreenSettings.dmFields=DM_BITSPERPEL|DM_PELSWIDTH|DM_PELSHEIGHT; // if (ChangeDisplaySettings(&dmScreenSettings, CDS_FULLSCREEN) != DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL) { // setting display mode failed, switch to windowed MessageBox(NULL, "Display mode failed", NULL, MB_OK); fullscreen = FALSE; } } if (fullscreen) // Are We Still In Fullscreen Mode? { dwExStyle=WS_EX_APPWINDOW; // Window Extended Style dwStyle=WS_POPUP; // Windows Style ShowCursor(FALSE); // Hide Mouse Pointer } else { dwExStyle=WS_EX_APPWINDOW | WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE; // Window Extended Style dwStyle=WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW; // Windows Style } AdjustWindowRectEx(&windowRect, dwStyle, FALSE, dwExStyle); // Adjust Window To True Requested Size // class registered, so now create our window hwnd = CreateWindowEx(NULL, // extended style "GLClass", // class name "BOGLGP - Chapter 2 - OpenGL Application", // app name dwStyle | WS_CLIPCHILDREN | WS_CLIPSIBLINGS, 0, 0, // x,y coordinate 0, 0, // width, height NULL, // handle to parent NULL, // handle to menu hInstance, // application instance NULL); // no extra params hDC = GetDC(hwnd); // check if window creation failed (hwnd would equal NULL) if (!hwnd) return 0; ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_SHOW); // display the window UpdateWindow(hwnd); // update the window i never posted code snippet before so unsure how its goin to come out??

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right it didn''t come off too well...

but the snippet is from the highly recommended bk of beginning opengl, which im sure most people in gamedev know about...as its written by the bole who runs it.

umm.. so yer any help please

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