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Possibly to generate bounding box depending on matrix rotation,scale etc?

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Hi, is it possible to generate a bounding box that will automaitically fit in with the world matrix''s current scale and rotation settings, also the translation. So basically it gets me the edge points, eg a rectangle. Thanks,

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You are talking about OOBs(Oriented Bounding Boxes) the rotate, scale with the object keeping a nice tight fit.

I only know hot to translate the AABB to another point, suppose you have a wall and it''s AABB having Min & Max points, you move wall to Point NewPos( 70, 100, 60 ) to move AABB also just add this Point ''NewPos'' to Min & Max points or AABB.


Mesh Wall.
Point NewPos = (0, 50, 0);
Wall.Move( NewPos );
AABB.Max += NewPos;
AABB.Min += NewPos;

Hope you got it, and if any one have some tutorial on OBBs please tell me!

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