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I just want a small advise...

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OK, so I have a couple of include files I made myself! Basically they are math stuff and such. And I have that class I made, fPOINT which consists of two floats, x and y. Problem is that all of those includes use fPOINT and... they all declare it... Basically, there is one class I use in ALL includes, but since I never know what include I''m gonna need, I declare it in all of them. Of course, problems starts when I include more than 1 of the files... I tried to make the functions templates so I could declare fPOINT in my main CPP and just pass it in, but templates don''t work very well with includes and so I failed... what''s the best solution? 1. Doing something like this:
#ifndef CLASS_fPOINT
#define CLASS_fPOINT
class fPOINT
 fPOINT(): x(0.0),y(0.0){};
 float x;
 float y;
2. Creating a separate file fPOINT.h with this declaration and making all of my other files include that one file (so if I use 1 file, I include it + fPOINT.h, if I use multiple files, I use them + fPOINT.h). 3. Instead of making my functions get fPOINTs as arguments, make them get float x and float y. this is a horrible idea though, because in one function I pass an array of fPOINT with a random number of variables. So I would now have to put two arrays of Xs and Ys. Also, when returning and fPOINT, I would have to now pass an X and a Y as pointers to change their values... 4. Any better idea ??? Thanks in advance

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The first one is known as multiple inclusion protection, and is the de facto way to handle the problem you're having. It's pretty much standard (although I don't know how technically accurate that is )

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If you''re on a *nix platform, just cat some of the headers in /usr/include. #define __file_h__ is pretty much the defacto standard from my experience, at least on *nix.

Additionally, make sure you really want a header as opposed to merely linking some code.

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