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Texture coordinates and texture stages

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Hi i just read somewhere that you can assign more than one texture coordinate per vertex. If so could some tell me how to add the extra texture coordinates to a vertex structure, eg struct CUSTOMVERTEX { float x,y,z, tu,tv //would i just keep adding more tu2,tv2, tu3, tv3 }; and how would i work the fvf? thanksm

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In TEXn you replace n with the number of coordinates.

In TEXCOORDSIZEa(b) replace a with a size 1, 2, 3, or 4, and b identifies which coordinate you''re setting the size of. They default to 2.

For example:
u1,v1, u2, v2, w2, u3

You must then SetTextureStageState(n, D3DTSS_TEXCOORDINDEX, m)
which says on stage n, use texture coordiante set m. In addition to the UVs you''ve created you can ask D3D to provide you with normals, reflection vectors, or positions using this call.

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