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Greetings Members! I''m no programmer (yet) even tho I''ve been a member since beginning of 2001, I havent'' learned C++ yet! For several years, I''ve been trying to get help making this game I miss so much! Mythic Entertainment bought it, a long time ago, closed it and made a follow up, that''s not near how good the 1''st version was. They will never open the 1''st version again they say. (Mythic Entertainment is also the maker of DAoC "Dark Ages of Camelot") wish is played by 100k''s arround the world. This game is based on the game I''m talking abbout. That''s why they cannot sell the old game!) Now... The game I want to make is a TEXT-BASED RPG. with a Nice interface, even maps of where you are etc. I''ve been playing both 1''st and 2''nd version of this game called Darkness falls and Darkness falls the crusade (DF/DFC) for over 7, close to 8 years total now. WITHOUT break. It''s verry addictive I know the game like the back of my hand. every corner, most items (10,000''s) and how the game works (gameplay wize) Due to my experience playing this game... I''ve made a DESIGN for the game I want to make. I''ve even managed to meet a Programmer here at www.gamedev.net that is willing to help me out with the programming. THE HELP I NEED: You still following? How do I make progress is my question. I''m a really newbie into this, all I really want is to have / run a game that players all over the world can come and enjoy. What do I need to do? Homepage? Do I need someone to run my server? I need ideas! lol I''m in a hurry right now, and there is soo much more I would love to explain... but if you read this and see my probleme.. Plz. let me know what you think, where I should start, what I should do, what I should buy/get etc. AIM: DFCMenu MSN: kjetil@elektro-handel.no E-mail: kjetil.hansen@elektro-handel.no Best Kjetil Hansen

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