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Invasion of Normandy

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Our IoN team is currently working on a RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter) modification to a game called Savage (www.nutty.ca/ION). It will be a mix of RTS similar to Command & Conquerer and FPS like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. The game play pits two teams against each other, Allies vs Axis. Each side has a "General" that has a top down view of the battle. The General's responsibility is to command troops, deploy structures to upgrade units, build weapons and vehicles, and research new technology. All other players we play in first/third person. The object is to destroy the Command Center of the opposing team. The game will provide more than just a simple environment to practice one's electronic shooting performance. Good team ethics and cooperation are required in order to bring your army to victory. XP System: Players earn XP in the game by completing missions, obeying orders, or destroying the enemy. Depending on the importance of your success, XP will be weighted accordingly (from most to least): Mega XP Completing missions in a regiment set out by your General Major XP Following orders during a mission run by your commanding officer Normal XP Completing missions solo set out by your General Minor XP For destroying an enemy troop, building or conducting troop activities (like a medic healing a fellow group mate) The importance with this XP system is that people will be rewarded more for working as a team. Those who work as a team will enjoy the benefits of upgrading their characters sooner, while others must work harder to achieve the same status. Team Based System: Having one large team is too much and doesn't invoke proper strategy methods. In an RTS game, you need to group your troops together and attack from all angles and take advantage of certain weak spots. To combat this, ION supports the use of creating regiments whereby the commander of the group may command 4-5 others into battle. The commander can specify waypoints, various voice messages, and team chats to help coordinate attacks on the enemy. Unlike solo players, the game will recognize group effort and reward the players with more XP for their cooperative gameplay. Training: XP in this game is like a form of money. When you earn enough of it, you can go to your local training center and "upgrade" your character. Upgrades vary on the class you chose, so if you were a Light Infantryman, you can upgrade to use the sniper riffle if you have enough points to do so. There are many things you can train your character, such as use of new weapons, vitality, stamina, better weapon management, etc... The downfall is that you're limited to only a select few of those upgrades. Once you reach your maximum character level, you will no longer be able to research any other improvements. You must chose wisely. Game Modes: The game offers two styles of multiplayer modes. 1) Classic - In classic mode, the server selects a bunch of maps and they will be played randomly. 2) Campaign - In campaign mode, the server will start off with a map in the middle of the war. Depending on whose side wins, the server will shift to the next map accordingly. Here, the objective is for an army to suppress the enemy back into their territory and after doing so will win the campaign. For more information visit our site at: www.nutty.ca/ION [edited by - Cyclone7 on May 26, 2004 5:31:17 PM]

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