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Comparison between books

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Hi, I read a book on C++ programming. I'm planning to read an other one, and then after, probably buy a game programming book. I think to this books, what do you thinks? : Strategy game programming with DirectX or RPG game programming with DIrectX or Tricks of the windows game programming gurus. I dunno really wich one would be better, between Strategy game programming and RPG game programming. In "Trick of the windows game programming", I heard that the autor use C and not C++ ... should I be scared about that, because I only learned C++ without C? Thanks to answer, Note: If I ask this question, it's because there is a lot of comments about many books, but there isn't a lot of comparisons between them... [edited by - Hytak on May 26, 2004 8:48:50 PM] [edited by - Hytak on May 26, 2004 8:51:33 PM]

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