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VC++.NET 2003 problems

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Ever since i upgraded to VC++.NET 2003, i realised that there appear to be many problems. Intellisense while better then VC6, still sucks. I always get "No additional Information" even though the class is defined in the same project. I did not use to have this problem in the past even with VC6. The only difference in my coding style has been i have started to use STL vectors/lists. Perhaps VS Intellisense screws up when it tries to interpret template code? Or is MS doing this on purpose to make C#/VB.NET seem superior. For some reason, VB.NET/C# Intellisense works flawlessly, are extra helpful (tooltips for any function/class, I pratically "learnt" C# from these tooltips, made my first Win32 GUI program(2D Tile Editor) from just reading these tooltips.) and compiler errors are more specific. The intellisense is also weird in the sense that if i have a class with 2 functions, then i later edit the class and another function, the intellisense doesnt seem to update it. It will still show that i have only 2 functions, rebuilding doesnt help. Another major problem is that drop-down menu at the top of your source file which lists all the functions in that .cpp file. It lists the functions all right, but then i select the function i want to jump to, the source file tab just hangs, i cannot edit the file anymore and have to close it and reopen it. Currently i have to manually scroll down to the function i want to read/edit. It''s like going back to notepad. I wish there is a solution to this, because i just wasted a couple of hundred bucks on the standard edition a few months back.

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Strange, I never had those kind of problems actually.
I would suggest using VisualAssist, it''s supposed to be great, never tried it besides on another coders computer.
It added all these parantheses and stuff for me so my code ended up looking just awful and incorrect.
But it did find all the information thought ;D

- Patrik Willbo

The Lord says He can get me out of this mess, but He''s pretty sure you''re fucked.
- Stephen (Braveheart)

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