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Problems in viewing pipeline maths

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wdkv    122
I just finished reading Tricks of The 3D Game Programming Gurus by Andre LaMothe and have started writing my own software engine. I have this problem that increasing the field of view decrease the visible area and vice versa. I think the problem is with the view distance. I calculate it as in the book: view distance = 0.5 * veiw plane width * tan( field of view / 2) The problem is easily fixed by using the inverse of the viewing distance and all the other calculations, but i recon it is just covering up for some other mistake. does anyone have any ideas?

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JohnBolton    1372
Either you read it wrong or there is a typo in the book.

width/2 = distance * tan(angle/2)


distance = width/2 / tan(angle/2)

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