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Bitmap Font Problem when using glut?

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Hi I want to show some bitmapfont text in my opengl program, so i had a look at the NeHe Lesson 13. The downloadable code compiled and worked fine. I copy and pasted the relevant methods to my sourcecode, in which i am creating my window with glut. But there is no text shown at all. As far as i can see ist the only difference between my programm and the NeHe Code the way of creating the window. Just for testing purposes i wrote a simple new program with a glut window an the font methods, which doesn''t work, too. You can take a lot at the code here: http://www.uni-koblenz.de/~ansgar/OpenGL/main.cpp Any suggestions? If this doesn''t work out soon, i''ll try texture font instead.

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Hi. I see a few things that you need to change:

--In a reshape function, you need to do the following:
a. Setup your viewport (you've done this)
b. Set the matrix mode to GL_PROJECTION to mess with the projection matrix stack and then clear it via glLoadIdentity() (). (you've done this)
c. Setup your projection (which you've done; ortho mode).
d. Set the matrix mode to GL_MODELVIEW so you can do your drawing.
e. Call glLoadIdentity() again to reset the MODELVIEW matrix.

You've done a-c, but not d-e. (Very important)

--Since your scene "has depth" [not just (x, y) or 2D, but 3D or (x, y, z)], you're going to want to add GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT to the glClear call at the beginning of your display function:

--You need to call glLoadIdentity() at the beginning in your display function so that your MODELVIEW matrix gets reset (loaded with the identity matrix) every time you draw a frame. (Very important)


[edited by - urayami on May 27, 2004 3:10:27 PM]

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Hi urayami
You are right with what you wrote. But i still don''t get, why i can''t see any text displayed. The reshape function has no effect on what''s shown after executing the program. Correcting the other two mistakes i made, also didn''t bring the font to screen.
Do you have any other suggestons?
Of course everybody is welcome to try modifying my small testcode to get it work. :-)

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I think I know what went wrong with my program: The following functions need to get the device context (hDC) to work.

wglUseFontBitmaps(hDC, 32, 96, base);
SelectObject(hDC, oldfont);

The problem is, that I don''t know how to get the device context of the glut windows i create. Any suggestions?

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If you look at the NeHe Lesson 13 page and go to the bottom, there are a couple of conversions for this lesson to GLUT. However, I don''t think you will be able to do it directly, ie. you will have to come up with a workaround to get the font in there. It is because function with a wgl*** in front of it is a Windows specific extension to OpenGL. Since GLUT is cross platform, it would not have the facilities to interact with wgl*** code.

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