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still can't find enough on assembly graphics programming

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Here I am posting again. (I want to write a game in assembly language, without integrating it with another language like c++) I haven''t learned assembly yet but I am willing to spend the time and effort to do that - if I can find tutorials to help me. I can''t find the information that I need on the web that covers graphics programming in assembly. I found a couple of mode 13h articles but I don''t know what assembler they were written for. I''m thinking I''m probably not going to find what I''m looking for. My requirements are: 1. the compiler 2. general programming tutorials- they must be compatible with the compiler I get 3. graphics tutorials - they must be compatible with the compiler I get, too. I''m thinking I may have to go another route instead of internet searches. Are there assembly language books out there that deal with graphics programming?

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Michael Abrash has written a book called The Graphics Programming Black Book which is actually now available for free:

The book itself is pretty entertaining read (although the first half of the book is on x86 Assembly Optimization, and may be beyond the scope of a new assembly programmer). The second half of the book seems to focus on precisely what you''re asking for: Graphics in x86 Assembly.

IIRC, Abrash uses Borland''s TASM to compile the programs in the book, but compiling using MASM should be almost as straightforward.

A book called Assembly Language for Intel-based Computers, by Kip Irvine, is a pretty good place to start learning the fundamentals of the Intel Assembly language (and it includes a copy of the MASM compiler, as well)

A small word of warning (which I''m sure you''ve heard before):
Programming a game entirely in any flavour of Assembly is a tremendous task, and probably not worth the man-hours you will put into it. That being said, I wish you the best of luck

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Don''t just jump right in to graphics if you''re new to assembly. Start with something console and learn basic input output and a few DOS interrupts. Once you have a better grasp of the language, you''ll understand mode 13h better. If you can still find it, LaMothe''s Teach Yourself Game Programming in 21 days has a few things about mode 13h and DOS programming (its in C, but most of it carries over to ASM pretty easily).

Take a look at a few of these pages:

Gavin''s guide to 80x86 assembly

Also check out the Art of Assembly.

DOS interrupts
DOS Programming

If you decided on an assembler, familiarize yourself with the documentation. If you get a chance, you can check out Intel''s IA-32 manuals for a deeper understanding of the language and how the processor works.

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