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docs on alink linker

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I'm in need of documentation on the alink linker, I googled and can't find any. I know it's not that hard to learn all the options, but it would be so much easier with a manual and not just the help menu it prints. Option 2: can you recommend another linker that's free and fulfills these criteria: -has to be able to link i386 object files with lib files. -has to output a PE (portable exec) file for windows. -documentation would be nice! Alink does everything but the last one, unless i'm not seeing were to get it. *checks directory for readme file* Nope, it looks like it was aimed toward someone who already knows the general idea, which i'm trying to learn now. Ty. EDIT: nvm, i found some example usage of it that just happens to be what i'm doing. Thanks a lot for viewing my post though (there were ~6 views that weren't me) [edited by - temp_ie_cant_thinkof_name on May 27, 2004 7:11:01 PM]

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