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this problem is my nemesis. alt-tab

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You can tab out of my program, but you cannot tab in. I get a "This program is not responding" message when I try to right-click exit it on the taskbar...otherwise I can''t alt-tab back in, I can''t get back in by clicking on its taskbar button, nothing. It''d dead and done once I''ve tabbed out. Here''s my WinMain:
int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPreviousInstance, LPSTR lpcmdline, int nCmdShow)

	MSG Message;
	while (g_App.GetProgramStatus())
		if (PeekMessage(&Message, g_App.GetWindowHandle(), 0, 0, PM_REMOVE))

		//    G  A  M  E       L  O  G  I  C

		if (g_App.GetWindowStatus())

	} // end window while

	return 0;
} // end WinMain

And here''s what I think to be the relevant entry in my message handler:

	switch (LOWORD(wparam))
		case WA_ACTIVE:
				if ((HWND)lparam==g_App.GetWindowHandle())

			} break;

			} break;

	} // switch (LOWORD(wparam))

} break;

case WM_PAINT:

	// start painting

	hdc = BeginPaint(hWindow,&ps);

	// even though this serves no purpose, windows gets anxiety attacks if you

	// try to respond to this message without actually "using" its own painting routines.

	// windows anxiety attacks are quite bad for your program, you know.

	// end painting


	g_App.DDRestoreSurfaces(); // just calls IDirectDraw7::RestoreAllSurfaces if IDirectDraw7::IsLost returns true.

} break;
I''m using DirectDraw7, and other than alt-tabbing the game runs fine for what it is. If anyone has any incite please clue me in. I really appreciate everyone''s help.

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