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CrimsonHaze rpg idea, please review...

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Well recently I have come up with an Idea of a 3d rpg that I would really enjoy to play, that has an interesting story, but can be completely avoided like in Morrowing, it will use zone systems like everquest, and have simple stat developement like in diablo, I think a combonation such as that would make an excellent addition to the genre. I''m sure your surprised I havent mentioned the infamous "MMORPG" because I dont want this game to be that. I want it to be multiplayer but only on lan with true friends, making it an even more fun expirience, opposed to a n00b coming up to you in everquest constantly begging for platnium, anyway, I have ranted a little and now I will copy/paste my entire idear in here so you guys can comment and/or critisize, this is entirely my idea and is copywritten... so enjoy, and "DO NOT MAKE ILLEGAL COPIES OF THIS DISK"-Microsoft Here it is: Crimson Haze by Ian Atherton Version 2.1 (3d version) TOC 1. Storyline & modes of play 2. Statistics 3. Battle 4. Graphics 5. Sound/Music 6. Monsters 7. Quests and NPC’s 8. World Editor 9. Multiplayer 10. Classes/races 11. Controls 1: The Story of Crimson Haze Smoldering Ash There are few worlds that have experienced what the small world of crimson haze has experience in half their life’s. Crimson Haze is a planet that was once decimated by war and hunger and every other problem imaginable. Now small huddled colonies and tribes fight one another trying to gain power over the world known as crimson haze. What once was a beautiful world is now a smoldering ash from a cigar falling to the floor about to be forever wiped from the annals of the universe. But, how did it get to such a point we wonder? Balance of Gods When the world stone is broken and the creators have mended it into a livable realm of mortals, they usually have 3 gods to maintain the light, and 3 Un-gods, or Devils. In this case the creator Taniun made a great mistake in making two of the light bearing gods tainted. Therefore there was constant unrest between war and strife, and there after, the world was known as the crimson haze. A planet the gods could no longer intervene in, it was beyond saving, and all the creators were waiting as the final plans were ruled out to exile and then kill, Taniun , for this immoral mistake that had taken the life of so many, in the creators minds, his foolhardy traits had caused far too much pain. More than a creator should ever have dealt out. During the final execution in the celestial prison, before he was taken down the hallways which no one dare walk, he was greeted by a stranger. A masked person in a large black cloak, and she simply pecked him as he went by. He did not understand this gesture yet. The seer or whoever it was who had done this had felt grief and pity for a creator such as him, accused for a pure accident. She thought that it would be more productive to have him help Crimson Haze, than die knowing it soon would end with him. She had lifted his soul momentarily in which he was able to break free of the prison. He knew immediately who had done this, Illiana, an elder of his time, teacher of his ways, it was possible she felt it was her responsibility to take credit of this act. She had embodied him, and was executed on schedule by the Divine Defiler. A choice desired by man, but deserved by One Taniun in his lost soul format, descended through the heavens of crimson haze to find nothing but rubble and fire and blood stained grass below. It was now his decision whether to enlighten his anger by taking revenge on these foolish mortals by forming into an Ogre or Dark mountain dwelling dwarf, or embrace the light and try to bring virtue to those around him as a human or elf and save crimson haze.... (Story Mode) MODES OF PLAY The user can either choose STORY mode where you will pick a dwarf ogre human or elf or live out one of the two destinies. Each side (light and dark) has there own quests that follow the story accordingly. The other choice is Regular mode where you will just live you life out, doing quests, and conquering enemies and raising your rank in your guild. The main idea of this mode is to level up. When you hit level 50 you have a choice to keep playing or end the game. (Through updates on the website, NPC’s quests, armor, weapons, monsters and other things, will be added to ACTION mode only) This idea is not final, it is possible we will just add this to the regular mode, and story mode won’t focus on the story as much. 2: Statistics for players in crimson haze Statistic systems in crimson haze are simplified quite a bit opposed to other systems, in this system there are 3 different statistics: STRENGTH: Determines what weapons and armor you can wield/wear, how much you can carry (pounds) Goes up 2 per level: MAGIC: Determines your mana gauge 1Magic=15 MP (mana points) Goes up 2 per level ENDURANCE: Determines your health 1End=10 HP (health points) Armor Class: this is what protects you from melee and magical attacks, this only goes up by Armor the armor class is subtracted from each hit from an enemy each time it hits ex. ac=25 "an ogre hits you for 5HP!" he would of hit you for 30 without your armor class. Weapons: each weapon has an attack, if you have enough strength to wield it, then it will always hit for that much (according to the armor class of the creature you’re attacking.)(for every 5 levels your weapons damage is multiplied by 2, ex: level 1: 5 damage level 5: 10 , level 10: 20 Weapon speeds: Dagger: 1 swing a second 1h sword: 1 swing every 2 seconds 2h sword: 1 swing every 5 seconds Mace: 1 swing every 3 seconds 1h axe: 1 swing every 3.5 seconds 2h axe: 1 swing every 5.5 seconds Bow: 1 shot every 3.5 seconds Staff: 1 swing every 5 seconds 1h spear: 1 swing every 1.5 seconds 1h war hammer: 1 swing every 4 seconds 2h war hammer: 1 swing every 6 seconds 3: BATTLE To attack melee: Get near an enemy and left click, you will always hit, the only thing that affect how much you hit for is the weapons attack and the enemies defense. Once an attack is initiated a bar will appear at the top of the screen depicting the name of the enemy, and the amount of Hit Points. To fire a bow: Use the crosshair to aim it, and if the arrow strikes the enemy you have hit it, it will run toward the player and they will be forced to get out their melee weapon, bows can pretty much only be used to initiate attacks, they have a max range of 200 game feet. To cast a spell: Have the spell you want to cast queued up, than once it’s in there click it, if it is an attack spell your cursor will turn into a crosshair in which you will aim it upon the enemy. If the object strikes the enemy it will inflict the set damage no matter what the armor class. If the spell you cast is a buff or summon spell than it will automatically cast on to you. 4: GRAPHICS Graphics will be done entirely by Darkism studios, unless we are in dire need and need to get something else, all of these situations must be approved by me firsthand. ALL ANIMATION IS: vertex only!!! ( this will allow for better fps and more fluid graphics) Engine: 3d game studio, crystal space, genesis 3d In charge: Michael Lam, Ian Atherton Model maker: MED, milkshake 3d, 3ds max 6 In charge: Ian Atherton Level maker (town’s dungeons castles): world craft or WED In charge: Michael Lam, Ian Atherton World maker (terrain, mountains rivers, lakes, plains): Terragen or MED In charge: Ian Atherton 2d graphics (icons, sprites): paint, Photoshop, illustrator, fireworks In charge: Brandon Johnson, Ian Atherton, Michael lam Particle affects: The engine In charge: Michael lams 5: SOUND MUSIC All sound and music will be handled by Ian Atherton using finale 2002 and magix music maker 6: MONSTERS There will be a predefined set of monsters, loot, levels, and appearances, quest importances, released at a later date. This will be during summer. The story may also progress further 7: Quests and NPC’s Same as number 6, list will be made when map is completed. At least 300 for quests and stories. Also including merchants. And guildmaster. 8: WORLD EDITOR I would like there to be some kind of world maker program made from 3d game studio, for the user to have, including wizards on making enemies and terrain and other things, this might be extremely complex, so it will be verified at a later date. 9: Multiplayer With the pro version of the engine a lot of users could play at once, this would be a very cool role playing experience if even possible for us.... 10: Classes and races Good races: Human: moderate size race, equally good at all classes Elves: Tall wise race, very intelligent, proficient as either a ranger or acolyte Halfling: Small chubby kind race very agile, most proficient as ROGUES Bad Races: Dark elves: the dark colored elves, most proficient as NECROMANCERS Ogre: A giant race, most strong, most hp, most proficient as WARRIORS Dwarves: stout strong race, most proficient as warrior or battlemage. ----------------- Classes: Still being determined, classes will have a class and skill system like Diablo 2 where you get a skill point after each level. These will be added to the skill user window when selected... needs work I know...lol 10: Classes and Races Warrior: Highest amount of Hp, no Mp, major damage taker, can deal a lot of damage too affinity: Axe Ranger: One of the highest attacks, affinity: Bows Rogue: Does highest amount of damage in game, can steal affinity: Daggers Acolyte: Best caster in game affinity: spell casting Battlemage: A hybrid between caster and warrior Necromancer: Raises dead and uses dark spells. 11: CONTROLS 1st person: Mouse: looks around. Left click: melee or bow attack Right click: Put weapon away (must be put away to interact with merchants and NPC’s)(when weapon is put away, left click interacts with things, doors or npcs.) W: forward S: backwards A: strafe left D: strafe right Space: toggle between mouse look, and mouse cursor 3rd person (always has mouse cursor out) Mouse is cursor. Left click move some where or attack enemy or, if weapon is put away (right click) interact with npc or merchant W: Zoom in S: Zoom out A: rotate left D: rotate right Anyway thats my idea, I have already created the world, and mapped everthing out (48 whoppping zones) and will soon convert it to 3d with my team of 4 (including me) (this is not a joke )

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This topic is 5619 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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