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Lua and Lists

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What you need to do is iterate through the list and push the key and value onto the table. Indexes start at 1 in lua, so something like this should work (pseudocode wise):

lua_State *L

int i = 1;
for(somelist it=begin; it!=end; ++it)
lua_pushnumber(i); // Push index of element
lua_pushstring(it); // Or whatever datatype you want to push
lua_settable(L, -3); // Set the key/value pair to the table located three positions down from the top of the stack.

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If you use Luabind it''s easy.

Say you have a class A with a list member.

class A {
list<string> values;

Then just compile this code:

lua_State* L = lua_open();

Then your Lua code could look like this:

local obj = A()
local t = {}
for v in obj.values do

Now t contains all the values of names.

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