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Is this safe??

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Hey, I''m currently working on memory management and I come up with a handle-based system. To avoid internal fragmemtation, I rearrange the memoryblocks after every "freeing". Please look at the code and tell me if it''s safe enough or fast enough to use for projects. Other kinds of feedbacks are also welcome

void Alloc::Rearrange(){

	poolIndex = 0;
	Alloc *ptr = head;

	while (ptr != NULL){

		if (ptr->chunkIndex != poolIndex){

			memmove(memoryPool + poolIndex, memoryPool + ptr->chunkIndex, ptr->chunkSize);
			ptr->chunkIndex = poolIndex; poolIndex += ptr->chunkSize;

			poolIndex += ptr->chunkSize;

		ptr = ptr->next;

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Guest Anonymous Poster
It is generally not very fast moving objects around in memory. It is faster just to allocate a list of continuous objects of the same type, and instead of deleting objects when freed, you throw them onto a list of free objects, and fetch new objects from that list instead of creating new ones. This method has several advantages: You decrease the time spent creating and deleting objects (new/delete), and the internal fragmentation will always decrease as more objects are fetched from the free-list. Of course it is possible to sort the objects in the free-list, but it is not guaranteed to improve performance or decrease internal fragmentation.

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