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Basic lighting with shaders

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I am trying to do the fixed function per-vertex lighting with shaders, but I don''t know how to write the pixel shader to see the result good, I am using rendermonkey and DX, and I get only object with plain colour, without ilumination. (Note: Its needed to write a pixel shader in rendermonkey, it can''t use the fixed function, so I want to write a pixel shader that lets me see the vertex shader result) Here is my trying in ASM and HLSL:

dcl_position v0
dcl_normal v3
dcl_color v5
dcl_texcoord0 v7

def c4, 0.577f, 0.577f, 0.577f, 1.0f

//m4x4 oPos, v0, c0

dp4 oPos.x, c0, v0
dp4 oPos.y, c1, v0
dp4 oPos.z, c2, v0
dp4 oPos.w, c3, v0

dp3 r0, v3, c4
mul oD0, r0.x, v5
mov oT0.xy, v7

tex t0
//mul r0, v0, t0

mov r0, t0

float4x4 view_proj_matrix;

struct VS_OUTPUT 
   float4 Pos: POSITION;
   float3 Col: COLOR0;
   float2 TexCoord: TEXCOORD0;

const static float3 light_dir = float3(2.0f,2.0f,2.0f);

VS_OUTPUT vs_main( float4 inPos: POSITION, 
                   float3 inNormal: NORMAL,
                   float2 inTexCoord: TEXCOORD0 )

   Out.Pos = mul(view_proj_matrix,inPos);
   //Out.Col = dot(float4(inNormal,1.0f),-light_dir);

   Out.Col = dot(normalize(inNormal),-normalize(light_dir));
   Out.TexCoord = inTexCoord;

   return Out;

float4 ps_main( float4 inDiffuse: COLOR0 ) : COLOR0
   return inDiffuse + float4(1.0f, 0.5f, 0.0f, 1.0f);

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define light as a vector and move it around.

Then do something like

//light_pos is an artist defined variable


color=max(0,dot(n,l)); //n is being passed in, set it up as a stream

[edited by - ngill on May 28, 2004 10:19:19 AM]

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