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3D engine, languages, etc.

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Hello my name is Jack and I am new to the forum. I''ve had a game idea in mind that I''ve been wanting to do. I''ve been working on the story and concept art. I am just not sure what game engine to use. I have some 3D modelling knowledge, so I would like to include that in my game. So basically what I am saying is that I want to make a 3D game. I first wanted to ask about what programming language I should start with. Im no expert with programming, but have heard C is much easier to learn than C++. And also that basic is an easy language to learn even though its more of a scripting language. To be honest, I have never learned a programming language before, but am willing to learn and relize this could take years. The kind of game I am hoping to achieve is something along the lines of Resident Evil and Final Fantasy. Basically games that use 2D prerendered backgrounds with 3D models on top. I dont know if it would be easier to go and make a full realtime 3D game using fixed cameras or just using plain 2D prerendered environments. I''m hoping there are 3D engines out there that will be able to achieve what I''m trying to make. I know of blitz3D and Darkbasic, which I''ve heard both postive and negative responses to. I dont think Darkbasic would be good for the kind of game I have in mind since it''s use is mainly for 2D games and simple 3D games. But i''ve been interested in blitz3D, haven''t really heard anyones thoughts on it. Anyways, suggestions and advice would be great. Jack

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Dude this gets asked all the time, and i wouldn''t be surprised if a moderator deletes this post.... However I am not a moderator and shall splurge my opinion:

Your a beginner, and I seriously recommend learning C# and use Direct X. People say C# is slower than C++, and to be fair 99.9% of the time thats true. However C# is soooo much easier to learn and use, and Direct X''s API with C# is real simple for a beginner but also has all the power of direct X there for when u get more experienced.

I used to program in C++ with Direct X, but now ive moved over to C#. You wont notice the performance loss, but you do notice the speed in which you can create applications - it really is easy!

Hope that helped.

O one last thing, buy 2 books - one on your language choice and one on DirectX (or Open GL if you like). Andre La Mothe does really good DirectX books, and I use "MS Visual C# Core Reference" cost me £40, and it was worth it.


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