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OpenGL [Help] About OpenGL triangle limitation.

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Original post by Chupacabra
Just out of curiosity, what kind of scene are you drawing that requires 5 million triangles? I mean with a screen resolution of 2048*1536 you have 3145728 pixels which would mean that each triangle takes less then a pixel in size.

Assuming you''re not using a higher resolution then that I suggest some culling algorithm.

Hi, I am drawing a 3d terrain. And I might be need to pan and zoom all the time. I know that 5 million is too big and detailed for the size of the screen. However, I am considering to have a dymanic resolution which will increase the speed.

At the moment, I just wanna meet the limitation. and how much can I do with OPENGL.

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If you have such a big terrain (larger than 2048x2048) you really should use some form of culling, like Chupacabra suggested.
You can''t just send 5M triangles every frame to OpenGL, since that will kill all the performance.
There are some articles on nehe.gamedev.net about various ways of culling for big scenes. You might also want to implement some LOD algorithm, frustrum culling, etc.

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