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Simple Question of base knowledge

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Ok up until now I thought I knew basically most of the math that could get me through programming, but unfortunately I've never taken a class that deals with matrices such as Linear Algebra, namely because the college I'm going to enter next year wont accept it for credit . I've taken Multivariable/Vector calculus and that helps immensely in vector math but argh, it's not enough! Will Linear Algebra suffice? Will it teach me about matrix transforms and projections and eigenfunctions/vectors/values like all of the buzzwords I've been seeing here? I mean I know what they are/how to calculate them but I don't really see the relevance. I plan on going out to buy a used Linear Algebra textbook, but is it worth it? Does anyone have any better suggestions? Thanks [edited by - uber_n00b on May 28, 2004 9:34:19 PM]

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Depends on you really... All I can say is that linear algebra
is very important thing when it comes to game programming.
It is second to programming in the list of things you need
to know to program a game. It is probably in list of top 5
in the knowledge required for any science.

Formal training in linear algebra from school does help (even
though it might not seem like it). For example, a very
abstract course in linear algebra taught me how to make
a rotation matrix around an arbitrary axis with an arbitrary
angle. Before that, i''d have to look up quaternions and stuff
and find the matrix notation to do it... but now I understand
the theory behind acquiring such a matrix.


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