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Alexander Tsvetkov

3D games company

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Dear Sirs, I’d like to propose for your consideration an opportunity to organize in Ukraine in Kiev an offshore company for producing computer games, or place here one or several subdivisions: producing of 3D graphics, traditional animation and animated movies. Why in Ukraine It''s high workmanship: Ukraine is the largest country in Europe in area and population. The significant part of intellectual and creative elite of former USSR is concentrated on the territory of Ukraine. The capital of Ukraine Kiev is the center and accumulator of powerful human resources. Here there is a largest and an oldest art school and one of three base art centers of former USSR, and there is no lack in talented artists and animators. It is profitable: In Ukraine the average salary of the artist of 3D graphics and the programmer is about $400, the average salary of the artist is about $500. Similar employees in USA receive not less than $3000 per month. A rent payment for office is about $15-25 for 1 sq.m. Why can I assist to organize such company I have two-year work experience in KUMI – branch of LLC «Luminosity Entertainment» www.luminosity.com. I and my American partner founded the company in 1997. In the beginning there were 7 employees there. For two years of work the company was expanded up to 75 employees. Our customers were "Digital Anvil", "Microsoft Corporation", "Simon & Schaster", "Mars Candy" and other. All production was concentrated in Kiev under my management. I managed the process of production myself. My partner came to Ukraine one time in two months. His task was only conclusion of contracts in USA and maintenance of communication with clients. My task was organization of uninterrupted and qualitative manufacture of computer games and implementation of other current orders. Under the organization I mean all - beginning from the selection of personnel up to the management directly of production, the guaranty of normal vital activity of the company or purchase of the equipment. I supervised also training of the personnel. From the beginning of my work up to the moment of my compelled leaving all orders were carried out qualitatively and strictly in time. Three creative groups capable to work independently on various tasks were formed: 1) the creation of computer games for children containing interactive 2D animation; 2) the creation of computer games with 3D characters; 3) the creation of high-quality pre-rendering 3D graphics. Now I''m an owner of the small web-design studio (www.epic-studio.com). After half a year from the moment of creation of the studio some of the largest companies of Ukraine including State Savings Bank of Ukraine became my clients. Should you wish to obtain more detailed information about any opportunities of our cooperation do not hesitate to contact me. I will not fail to provide full particulars as soon as possible. Yours faithfully, Alexander Tsvetkov http://www.epic-studio.com e-mail: alex@epic-studio.com All contact information you can find in my personal page. My resume and etc. you can look at on the address: http://tsvetkov.nm.ru Yours, Alex

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