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Real time generated sound!

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Hi! I have tried this for a while now, but i cant fint the way to do it... searched directsound, openal and the win32.... I want to generate my own sound buffer , like a 16 bit short[x] array... then i want to play this in the left or the right sound channel (both simultaniusly, but different buffers)... Then i want to keep feeding the sound system with buffers that i fill directly with data, so that i get a contiious computergenerated sound! I want to create a sinus Synth on my computer, so sound files are unusable since i want to create,mix and play the sound in my own software! anybody know a system, witch part of the system that can do this? any references? The APIs (OpenAL/DirectSound) is best at playing prerecorded files... -anders

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Check out this thread for some good pointers. My post about halfway down has some source for using the windows multimedia library (more specifically, the WaveOut function).

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