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Best engine for my needs

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Hello, I''m writing an open source game under the GPL. I''m currently deciding which engine to pick for a top down view space game. The game will run at high resolution and will have many bullets and such on the screen but not many static objects. I''m trying to decide which 3D engine to use. What is important to me is: 1. Ease of use 2. Performance 3. Features In that order. By FAR the most important is ease of use. I want to be able to load models and other objects immediately. I don''t want to write my own file format or loader for the file format. I''ve been doing some research and have found that 5 seem to come highly recommended. I''m fairly a beginner with 3D programming so would like to ask people if they could rate which of these best satisfies my needs. Again, by far the most important thing is I must be able to load models and such out of the box without writing an exporter, custom format, or other such nonsense. The more basic features it has, such as displaying text, the better as well. Thanks!

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Original post by Rakkar2

I''ll give you my observations on the libraries you''ve listed.

Crystal Space, in its current state, is somewhat outdated and bloated. It would be some work to get anything up, and has a moderate learning curve. It is being rewritten/reorganized, so you may want to check on this one later.

Ogre is not a game engine, I''m afraid. It''s a graphics library (a robust one, though). If you want to write a game you''ll have to implement many other components.

Irrlicht seems to be an okay solution to the requests you specified. It is being developed, and does not seem to have too steep of a learning curve.

Nebula Device 2 is currently in the midst of heavy development, so things may change if you start using it. Also, it has, in my opinion, a fairly steep learning curve.

NeoEngine is a fine library. It is in development, but still has a ways to go until it meets your requirments. At any rate, it may be too low a level for you, I''m not sure.

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