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Terrain LOD / Heightmap Collision

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Well, I'm back at this problem again. The problem is that I am using Chunked LOD, a great terrain algorithm, but as a result, I can't really go to the Heightmap to check for a terrain collision. I don't need anything too complicated, but I need to keep my player always on the terrain, never "inside" a hill, and never sort of "floating" on top of the air. These things happen though when I go to my heightmap for collision detection. The problem is that, let's say the player is at X, Z 7, 7 but my geometry doesnt use this point in it's representation. So the heightmpa says maybe, height is 250, but the geometry has a different value (an interpolated value from other points, maybe 0, 0 0, 16 16, 0 and 16, 16) So what are the alternatives? Can you tell me the other strategies / approaches to this? Any links? That would be relaly helpful if you have a link to do terrain collion for LOD'd terrain. [edited by - WhileTrue on May 30, 2004 7:01:46 AM]

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