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constantly sending and receiving

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I'm using sdl_net and i've never done any network programming before. I was planning on doing a len=SDLNet_TCP_Recv(client,message,1024); at every opportunity and a Send at every opportunity too both as the client and the server. And i figure that if len = 0 in the Recv, that means that i'm trying to receive faster than the client has sent, so in that situation i just wait a bit and try again. Now, is there anything at all wrong with doing it this way? I'm a bit worried the "constantly trying to recv/send" can't work? Or is this in fact how everyone already does it? [edited by - tieTYT on May 30, 2004 7:01:27 AM]

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I don''t know how the SDL libraries handle it, but usually send and receive are blocking function, i.e they don''t return until all the data is sent or data is received, respectively. This is terrible, since your entire application comes to a screeching halt if there''s nothing to read, especially.

I''ve heard of using select with sockets, but never actually tried it. Usually I put all my network code in a separate thread and process it there. I don''t know if SDL has asynchronous networking either, but that is also a solution.

(P.S. just for reference, if receive returns 0 it means that the remote host disconnected, otherwise it would block waiting for data )

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