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Quake 3 Renderer and Index Buffers

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"Oh no, not another Quake 3 renderer!" I can already hear you saying I''m going in for an interview next week and I''m hoping to add something a little more graphical to my dossier. But I''m having a little trouble getting the thing to render the maps. Right now I''m just testing stock BSP files I downloaded off the Web, and as far as I know they''re valid maps that work in Quake 3 (don''t own the game myself, unfortunately). I''m no stranger to working with Half-Life BSP files, so I can say with confidence that my problems aren''t coming from incorrectly loading and parsing the maps, because I''ve done it millions of times before with only slightly different formats. That, and I''ve verified the data that''s loaded. Looks perfect. Anyway, I''m trying to render it and all I get is a bunch or random triangles. I''m adapting the following OpenGL face render code:
const Face& curFace = face[visibleFace[f]];
static const stride = sizeof(Vertex); // BSP Vertex, not float[3]

const int offset    = face.firstVertex;

glVertexPointer(3, GL_FLOAT, stride, &(vertex[offset].position));

glTexCoordPointer(2, GL_FLOAT, stride, &(vertex[offset].textureCoord));

glTexCoordPointer(2, GL_FLOAT, stride, &(vertex[offset].lightmapCoord));

glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, curFace.meshVertexesCount,
   GL_UNSIGNED_INT, &meshVertex[curFace.firstMeshVertex]);
So from what I can tell, meshVertex contains an array of indices relative to the face vertex offset, for each face. So if a meshVertex is 5, and the face vertex offset is 200, it really means vertex 205 in the global vertex array. Hopefully this is correct, but there''s a very good chance I''m wrong Using my newfound knowledge of vertex buffers and index buffers, I simply copy the global vertex array straight into the vertex buffer, and copy the meshVertex array straight into the index buffer. I then use the following call:
graphicsDevice.DrawIndexedPrimitives(PrimitiveType.TriangleList, face.vertexIndex, 0, bspFile.Vertexes.Count - face.vertexIndex, face.meshVertIndex, face.numMeshVerts / 3);
From what I know about the map format and this function call (and it sure as sh*t took a while to find some good reference material), this should be correct. But this is really my first foray into Direct3D and Quake 3 maps. Any help is appreciated. I''m probably using DrawIndexedPrimitives wrong, or misinterpreting the map data.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I could be wrong, but i thing they must be rendered as triangle fans.


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Right, I read I can either use the fans or the meshes. However I couldn''t get the fans to work either, and since meshes are compatible with both mesh faces and polygon faces I decided to take that route.

Besides, I''d like to know what''s going wrong regardless

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