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Two model-format questions

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Hi, I am having some fileformat questions I am working on a sidescroller in 3D (3D models and 3D levels, but you are only allowed to move sideways) I have 2 questions haunting my mind: 1) At the moment the levels are in .X format. Will this be ok to do collision detection on? Currently my idea is to have two .X files for each level: A complex .X file for rendering the level and a more simpler .X file for collison detection. Is this a good approach? If not, do you have any ideas or experiences on this? 2) The model/player-format is still being thought of. I want the model to be able to always aim at the cursor. This means that it should be able to do a "running"-animation or a "walking"-animation while the torso kan move accordingly to the cursor. Can this be implemented with "bones"? Which format should I go for that supports this? I really hope you can help me out here Best regards, Klaus

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It''s fine (and common) to keep collision separate from rendering.

You usually use bones with skeletal animation when needing to aim things. Typically, you''ll build an IK solution out of gun, arm, shoulders, and a few top back joints (bones) and blend them in such that the terminal two or three bones are 100% IK, and the further out from IK you get, the less the IK is weighted and the more the animation is weighted.

What file format you use doesn''t matter, as long as it supports the data you want to feed it. .x is fine, and convenient if you use DirectX.

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