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Camera problem ?

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Hello people. I got a kinda weird problem with my engine. I made a 3D area consisting of an island and some water around it. The thing is that when viewed from altitude, the water and the island intersections are messed. You can see 2 screen there : The first one is quite ok (not seen from too height and not looking too down) but the second is clearly messed. Did anyone already encounter this problem? I suspect it comes from ent camera settings but I cannot find exactly where I do something false. Thanks

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This problem is known as Z-fighting. I know of two ways to solve it. The first one is to increase the size of your Z buffer during creation. I suspect you are using a 16 bit Z buffer so change D3DFMT_D16 to D3DFMT_D24S8 (or test to see if you have D3DFMT_D32).

The second thing to try is messing around with your near and far clip planes when creating the projection matrix.

Hope that helps.

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the problem is your Z-Buffer. I suppose you use 16 bit - this works quite unprecisely. Try to use a 32 bit Z-Buffer...

@ __Daedalus__: Damn, half a minute too late ;-)

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