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WinXP C++ Problem

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I am trying to write my programs as I am learning C++, for example the Hello.h program that we all write on day one, accourding to my book. After it is compiled and what not I run the hello.exe a dos window comes up for a second and goes back down. If i bring up the cmd console and goto the folder in dos and type hello it works, but not from windows. Is this an XP setting/thing? Is it fixable? or do I just have to run dos every time to do this? Or is it my version of dos with xp? Also while I'm posting. What is a good "free" compiler for learning C++. And I'm only on day three it hasn't really discussed programs, I don't have the disk that is supposed to come with the disk. Are compilers, linkers and such all in one program or do I need seperate ones for each? [edited by - wolfspirng on May 31, 2004 10:49:56 AM]

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Either put system("PAUSE") at the end of your program, or run it from the command prompt.

Now, with regards to compilers:

The best free compiler out for windows is the one that comes with VC++.Net 2003. You can download it from It''s the exact same compiler as the one that ships with the professional edition, and a debugger and *most* of the libraries (except MFC and other MS-specific stuff) are free downloads as well.

A linker is a seperate program, technically, but it''s almost always used in conjunction with a compiler to create programs.

The above mentioned download includes the linker you need as well.

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Windows XP don´t run MS-Dos programs properly, so maybe that''s why you can´t see your program on a console window, also, if you are only displaying a message in your hello program, try catching a key before closing the app. in this way you can see the results before closing the window.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h> // Only borland compilers,
// use ''getc(stdin)'' otherwise

void main()
printf("\nHello World!");

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