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Quake 1 bsp rendering

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I''m making Q1 bsp renderer with openGL, and I know how to read lump file. So I can load vertexes, faces, nodes, etc. I used fread & fseek... like this : fseek(fp, header.lumps[LUMP_FACES].fileofs, SEEK_SET); fread(dfaces, numfaces, sizeof(dface_t), fp); The problem is, I can''t render it!!! OMG I have q1 source, I read it again and again, but it uses sorted-edge when rendering, so it doesn''t fit with me. In quake3, it''s easy like this : glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLE_FAN, pFace->startVertIndex, pFace->numOfVerts); is there any other way - not using sorted-edge rendering - ? is there anybody who made a q1 viewer with openGL? thanks

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