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Skeletal Animation Resources

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Hi all, I''m now finished coding the model loading part of my engine, and would like to implement some sort of Skeletal Animation on my models. I''m aware i can''t just "plug it in", the models have to be created with SA in mind... What are the bext resources out there to start implementing SA? 3D modeling programs, file formats, etc....? I would like to start with someting really simple, like a simple pair of joints, and go from there... Salsa cooked it, your eyes eat it!
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Porta lib!
Its on the links of this page - (Brett Porter i think ??)
It has a tutorial on how to implemet bones in your app.

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Cal3D might be a good resource to get some ideas about skeletal systems.


Cal3d is a skeletal based 3d character animation library written in C++ in a platform-/graphic API-independent way. Originally designed to be used in a 3d client for Worldforge, it evolved into a stand-alone product which can be used in many different kinds of projects. Check out the Cal3d FAQ for more detailed info.

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