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I havn''t seen one of these types of posts in a while, so I''ll be the lucky one to start one . I''m very interested in everyone else''s projects. Feel free to post screenshots or links to downloads of anything you''re working on. As for me, my website is here and I''m developing a sidescroller using a modified version of Paul Nette''s article on General Collision Detection using Ellipsoids.

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I'm developing a resource management game (with some RTS elements possibly) - it's going to be a realtime game where you have to manage some kind of colony of people (or village or something).

The graphics engine is currently interim; it will ultimately probably change completely.

This is a test program for the A* pathfinding routine

- This is a development screenshot with the (interim) realtime graphics engine


EDIT: figured out how to do proper links now.

[edited by - markr on May 31, 2004 3:51:55 PM]

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I'm the main coder for Darklaga, an upcoming 2D PDA shoot'em up scheduled for release this fall (hopefully).

EDIT : html

Victor Nicollet, INT13 game programmer

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