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Making a 2D game

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Hey, what should I use to make a 2D game with graphics? Are there any programming programs to download for free that can be used for this? What do I need to know? Any books that cover this? The game should be something that can scroll about much like the Zelda games. I really just want to make some graphics for a 2D game, but in order to use them as well, I figured I should try to make a game too. Cheers.

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I would reccomend starting simple, nothing ambitious - when creating your first game (I assume this is the case) you actually want to finish it, so you get the feel for the whole assembly. Then you can move on to more challenging things.

A great book, the first I ever owned, is "Windows Game Programming For Dummies" by LaMothe. Great book, easy to read and understand, and is very comprehensive when it comes to the game as the total package, not just the programming end of it. However, it is a bit dated, seeing as it uses DirectX 5. But the concepts are rock-solid.

For programming the game itself, you're best bet for a programming language is C or C++. It's fast and in my eye the easiest language to understand and use, once you get a feel for it of course.

There's a wonderful tool to use for making tiles. It's called TileStudio. I use it to flesh out ideas and see how my tiles fit together. For drawing sprites, search gamedev for a list of links - there's some good ones that can get you started.

Good luck!
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I actually found Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours to be decent. It teaches windows GDI based techniques(which are slow but decent to learn with). It also uses C++ with a class based approach which I found really nice.

I would also recommend maybe making some of the ever so popular clones of Tetris, Asteroids and what not.

Also you may want to look into SDL www.libsdl.org for an easy to use 2d Graphics Library.

Good Luck and Keep at it.

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