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i'm just wondering

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i want to get into game design right now im studying c++ and im doning pretty good, im taking it step by step but im wondering how long do you think ill have to keep learning before i(or anyone who just started generally) can move on to makeing a game or doing game art.

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learn bitblt, and on how to create dc buffers.

That will get you started on basic 2d games eg textures and all,

then move onto either dx or opengl.

i think everyone started off bitblt etc first.
There should be decent resources on that stuff

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Nobody can answer how long it will take.
It depends on how much time you can spend studying each day.
And of course it also depends on what you do with the time.
And on what you mean when you say "makeing a game or doing game art".

I'd read about game programming. Read in the Articles & Resources section.
And threads in the forums here.
You'll get a better understanding of the big picture.
Then it will be less likely that you waste time doing irrelevant stuff.

What is bitblt? :-p
Personally I'm glad I didn't waste time studying the Windows API right away.
The event handling is horrible.
There will be time to learn that later and it will take less time.
If I were you I'd use more convenient frameworks first ...
like SDL ...

If nothing works the way it should ... maybe you need a break!?
Get cracking and double-check the switch statements!!

[edited by - Clueless on May 31, 2004 10:47:05 PM]

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whats this sdl people keep talking about, similar to c++?

yeah i guess windows api might be a bit of a waste,

maybe skip to direct3d

it has some nice classes that you could use


vertex/index buffer(not really required, its a bit harder to learn)

and ofcourse you have to set up a d3d device , but the tutorials have that which you can cut and paste

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SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is a cross-platform media/game development library that offers 2D graphics, audio, and input functionality for a very wide variety of platforms (including Windows and Linux) as well as bindings for OpenGL for 3D graphics. It is not a language; I use it from C++, though one can certainly use it with other languages. Using a library like SDL saves you from having to mess around with any platform-specific API''s, either Win32 or any others ...

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