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ID3DXSprite Z Order

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I am using ID3DXSprite (DX9 Summer Update) with a D3DXVECTOR3 to specify the x, y, and z coordinates. D3DXVECTOR3 myVector; myVector.x = 500; myVector.y = 350; myVector.z = .1; I have three sprites, and three vectors, each using the same ID3DXSprite interface. I am having a problem with the "z" coordinate. No matter what I set the sprites' z-coordinates to, the z order of the three sprites seems to only be determined by the order in which the draw() methods are called. The front-most sprite always seems to be the sprite who's draw() method is called last: // The background here will appear behind everything else, because its draw() method is called first. mySprite->Draw(backgroundTexture, NULL, NULL, &backgroundVector, 0xFFFFFFFF); // The space ship here will appear in the middle. mySprite->Draw(shipTexture, NULL, NULL, &shipVector, 0xFFFFFFFF); // The asteroid here will appear in front of everything else, because its draw() method is called last. mySprite->Draw(roidTexture, NULL, NULL, &roidVector, 0xFFFFFFFF); But what if I wish to switch around the z-order in-game? For instance, If I were to make an isometric game, the z-orders would have to be switched very often. Is there another way to determine z-order? I've also been forced to create a D3DXMATRIX, because this is apparently needed to rotate a sprite via setTransform(). Is this matrix the key to z-order? [edited by - robotarcade on May 31, 2004 12:05:40 AM]

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the ID3DXSprite interface uses orthographic projection and textured quads as far as i know - which means that it basically ignores the Z coordinate and uses the x and y coordinates as screen coordinates...

the only way to change the z order is to change the rendering order - which means implementing your system to manage the order of draw calls...

as far as i know anyway

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If you''re using the summer update, then there are special flags
That should do it.

"We cannot all be masters." - William Shakespeare

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