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LockRectangle in VB.NET Help

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Hello, I have a function in VB.NET to get the bits of a texture. This is my code so far: Function img_GetBits(ByVal Key As String) As Byte() Dim Bits() As Byte With Tex(Key).Texture With .LockRectangle(0, New Rectangle(0, 0, Tex(Key).width, Tex(Key).height), Direct3D.LockFlags.ReadOnly) ''TODO: Copy data to Bits array End With .UnlockRectangle(0) End With Return Bits End Function I have two problems: One is that the LockRectangle statement returns an error (I have tried just about every overload of LockRectangle). Also, once I get it working, how would I go about copying the data to my array? (My bit array should contain the R, G, B, and A values of each pixel) Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I have a completely different solution. Try this:

Dim r,g,b,a as Byte
Dim Surface as Surface = Texture.GetSurfaceLevel(0)
Dim g_Stream as GraphicStream = Surface.LockRectangle(New Rectangle(0, 0, width, height), 0)

While Not (g_Stream.Position >= height * (width*4))
End While


However, this is only working for a 32bit (ARGB) texture, but you can easily adjust it to 16bit.


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Strange, LockRectangle is still giving me an error

This is the message it always gives me:

An unhandled exception of type ''Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.InvalidCallException'' occurred in microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll

Additional information: Error in the application.

The additional information is very helpful

Is there sometihng I should do when I create the device so I can use LockRectangle? Maybe that''s what''s causing it?

Oh, and one more thing, how do you get that white box with your code in it? I''m new to these forums

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