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MinGW Studio debugging

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Does anyone else have any really annoying problems using MinGW Studio and the built-in debugger? More specifically, breakpoints... The application seems to hit a breakpoint that isn''t there... causing me to have to hit F5 to run the app past the invisible breakpoint. Also, I''m having the stupidest problem - running my app from the Studio always seems to execute an old version of it. If I go to the build directory and run the exe from there, it''s fine - except I have no debugger. It''s really starting to annoy me. I am assuming that the problems are linked, that maybe the exe/debug info is cached somewhere but I can''t find anywhere obvious in my app dir or the MinGWStudio app dir (or sub-dirs). I''m using MinGWStudio v2.05 on WinXP Pro with a P4 2.8GHz processor. Is this a common problem?

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I'd recomend forgetting about trying to use the MinGW studio debugger GUI. Just use gdb on the command line, it's the same debugger but it's just on the command line (it should be in the MinGW bin directory along with the compiler etc). It may take a bit of getting used too though.

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