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DX8 on Win98 slower than Win2000/XP?

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So weird thing. The same program that uses Direct3D8 interfaces works very slowly in Win98, but fast enough in WinXP! Why this could be? It seems, hardware acceleration is turned off in Win98! Can I do something with my program? Any suggestions would be very appretiated. Alex

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Is the same machine running both operating systems? - if it isn''t the same machine, I''d first check for differences in set up and settings of the two machines (from the BIOS upwards).

1) Make sure you''re using the Retail DirectX runtimes on the 98 machine before comparing performance.

2) If you''re using frame rate as your profiler, make sure the 98 machine isn''t locking frame rate to the monitor''s refresh rate (look in your D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS as well as in the settings for the graphics card).

3) Ensure you have all the service packs installed for your 98 machine - some of the ones released over the years have fixed potential performance issues.

4) On a related note, make sure you have the latest drivers for all components in your system. Motherboard drivers in particlar are VERY important.

5) Check that the AGP aperture size is set sensibly in the BIOS. Run DXDIAG and check that AGP Texturing is enabled to see if there are any problems there.

6) Try comparing the samples from the DirectX SDK on both configurations -:

- if they run at different speeds, your hardware/drivers/configuration is the problem

- if they run at the same speed, your program is the problem - we''ll need more information to be able to help if this is the case.

Simon O''Connor
Game Programmer &
Microsoft DirectX MVP

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Thanks for your reply.

It is the same machine, the same program and the same DirectX 9.0 (4.09.0000.0900)

1)I am using the same DirectX 9 distributive.

2) I do not change the refresh rate and do not use full-screen mode.
Please explain what you mean ''locking frame rate to the monitor''s refresh rate''?
I am using this structure like this

FD3D.GetAdapterDisplayMode( Adapter, DispMode) ;
ZeroMemory(@PresentPar, SizeOf(PresentPar));
with PresentPar do
Windowed := true ;
hDeviceWindow := Wnd;
BackBufferWidth := WndWidth;
BackBufferHeight := WndHeight;
BackBufferCount := 1 ;
BackBufferFormat := DispMode.Format;
hRet:=FD3D.CreateDevice( Adapter, DeviceType , Wnd, D3DCREATE_SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING, PresentPar, FD3DDevice) ;

I wonder if something is wrong here ? How could I "lock" frame rate?

3) I do not know yet, will see soon

4) I got the drivers that were shipped with my motherboard

5) It is enabled in WinXP. But it is NOT in Win98. It is the same machine, the same BIOS!
I ran 3D testing in dxdiag. It works fine in Win98 and in WinXP.

Could it be the reason (I mean AGP texturing is disabled)
BTW, video card Radeon 9200.

6) I launched 3D testing in dxdiag. It works fine as I mentioned.
Should I run samples anyway?

And what you think, is that problem in my program ?



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