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OpenGL, GUI question?

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I am think on beginning a new 3d project, but this time I will need some GUI stuff, what you guys recomand? Platform: Win32 (Win2000, XP, ..) Api: OpenGL, SDL(maybe), DirectX(Sound, Input), FMod(Sound), STL Tools: Visual 7 (C++) shell I use old Win32 api, MFC, C# style gui, ather gui libs that I don''t know some nice HTML will be nice?

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Is this for a game or application? Windows applications should (in my opinion) generally make use of standardised controls, so probably you should use MFC, though I don''t know much about it. If you''re making a game, you might think of implementing your own GUI system using OpenGL/DX to render it. This isn''t ususally too difficult, and it''ll look much better than having Windows controls.

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Yup, this will be a game (in the end) but for makeing a game I need some fine tuning, scripts, attributes. Maybe a in game editor that can be switch on/off will be a good idea? Or Game+Editor?

HGE have some nice gui:
- Simple and flexible controls management
- Default controls: Text, Buttons and Sliders
- Support for highly interactive animated GUIs

XLnt GUI is a set of Blitz source code functions used to add a professional User Interface to your Blitz Basic programs.
- Windows
- Gadgets
- Menus

So what you think guys, what nice gui shell I use for a OpenGL project? (tell me more ideeas or what you use in your projects)

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You can also adapt the glWindows example at http://www.sulaco.co.za/opengl2.htm.
This is delphi code easily portable to C.

From your latest post, I guess you want more than a simple GUI. I have the feeling from your examples that you are looking for a game engine. Am I correct ?

Ghostly yours,

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