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Win32 Resources - Limited Numbers?

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Hello all, My question regards Microsoft Windows resources. Currently I am involved in a project that requires storage of many small, square bitmaps. The sizes range from 16x16 to possibly 64x64 in pixels, and somewhere on the order of about 200 at maximum. I''ve written a wrapper class to contain, parse, and draw one of these small bitmaps, and it works well. But here''s my problem. I''m using HDC''s and HBITMAP''s and such as members of this class (that is instantiated as many times as there are images). But I''m concerned that windows only allows a certain number of DC''s to be used at a given time. My concerns stem from the fact that I know (or at least I *think* I do) that Windows limits the number of timer resources in use by the system, so naturally it would seem that Windows may also enforce this kind of policy for graphics resources, but I''ve never heard of it before. So my question is: * Is there a limit to the number of graphic resources available? * If there is, is it an exact number? (i.e. 100 dc''s, 128MB, etc) * Is it considered bad practice to have a lot of these graphics resources being used at once? My class can easily be used without the mentioned graphics objects as members, but for more efficient drawing (and as an organizational issue) I have kept them as members. Should I consider NOT doing this? Thanks.
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There is a limited number of graphics resources available but this is more of a problem on Windows 95/98/Me where, I believe, the exact maximum number of any given graphics object is 65556. On Windows NT/2000/XP I believe system memory is the only limiting factor.

If you are concerned with the amount of resources you are using make sure you only have allocated the handles for these resources when or shortly before you are going to be using them.

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